Friday, May 22, 2009


Ohh wow so my laptop caught some dam bug and doesnt let me signon to anything so thats my excuse for being MIA. Im using the family one right now but i hate this comp, it suxx. I have been doing lots of make-up lately for Proms and random parties so im working on my skills still. lol I hope to be back up on here continuously after my bday! Which is June 4th by the way!! Im just really busy planning a black tie event surprise party for my momma, her bday is the 5th so its sorta my excuse to throw myself a party too lol Ok well love you all and i will try to post another tutorial this weekend if my 1 day trip to Rosarito on saturday doesnt turn into a 4 day trip like it usually does but ya imma try. Love you all thanks for sticking with me!

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