Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So when it comes to makeup i am usually a Brand name snob but lately ive been venturing
out on the thought of trying drugstore items!! Well on Monday before I was on my way to work I stop by Rite Aid to pick up some Tums thinking I had a stomach ache which by the way turn into 2 days at the hospital and removal of my gall bladder...which is why im stuck at home onthe couch. Anyhow, as i was runninmg through Rite Aid I looked over to the makeup and noticed a bunch of YELLOW TAGS which usually means SALE! So ya Loreal is BUY 1 GET1 FREE!! I picked up 2 Hip eyeshadow duos but had planned to go back later after work for more but ya that didn't happen! I cant even tell you what colors I purchased cause they never made it off the car but as soon as I can walk to the car, ill swatch them for you. So I jus had to make this quick blog because BUY 1 GET 1 FREE is such a great deal!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Thank you everybody who has come over to follow my NEW Blog!! && if your new to my blog i've been doing a lil construction on all my internet umm i guess it would be persona/networking/getting myself out there thing!! lol So Welcome and don't forget to follow!! I'll have my 1st tutorial up this week! yayyyy! Heres a lsit once again of all my new addresses and where you can find me on!!







Yayyy so heres a big yayyy to making myself look a lil more pro!

As always Stay Pretty Locas,

Getting "professional" with it!!

Hey Beauty Locas,
Ok sooo I know i am laggin with the start of my tutorials and putting up pics but MY CAMERA SUCKS!!! So im at the mercy of past clients asking them to send me photos. My camera was working great, I have a Nikkon; but for some reason all my close-ups look horrible, the colors are all grey and everything just looks like a smokey mess. I just borrowed a camera from my moms hopefully hers works better. Imma try it tomorrow!! Anywhoo so just so you all know I am not anywhere near professional but thats damm straight where i am headed. I am self-taught, and of course all the tips i've gotten from MUA at MAC, SEPHORA, and a few free lancers I know have helped. But I have decided to get "professional" with it. I will be taking some of MAC'S Pro Classes, Im going to do some training with a MUA I know, and have decided to educate myself through lots of reading. Soooo I went today and bought my 1st no make that my 2nd beauty book...The first one I recieved as a gift years ago, when it all started...

The Miracle of Makeup Techniques, By Eve Pearl

I loved it, its a small book with few tips but really a great read. So the book I picked up today was SEPHORA...

I just picked it up about an hour ago and was so excited I had to come and share. I never really thought I needed to read to learn because i've done so well learning from my own trial and error but now I'm even more excited to read more books, so if you have suggestions let me know.
And as usual Stay Pretty Locas,


Hi Bloggers! So yes this is my very first blog! My name is Lala, I am 25 yrs old and I have sweet passion for MAKE-UP!!! Hence, My reason for starting this blog. I am located here in SUNNY SAN DIEGO, CALI BABY. My plans with this page is to rant, rave, teach and educate myself all about MAKE-UP...First things first i have been doing make-up for about 4 years, more seriously the last 2 years. I got a late start in life, I was a basketball player all through most of my life till my 1st year in Community College. So make-up wasn't an accessory I carried with me on the court but sometime during my 1st year at college I got a job at Sally's Beauty Supply, My enabler to my now obsession! So after that basketball was out and make-up in! Just playin thats not how it happened but the job at Sally's really opened my eyes to just how much fun it is to be a girl!!! So anyways I didn't last in college too long before I quit to go to work full-time running the family business (A&L TILE). With the recession business is slow so i've taken time off to go back to school and all this free time lets me really have fun and work on my passion with make-up. Ummm lets see if you have any questions about me and who I am just ask.


Keep in mind this is all new so I have yet to put up videos or pictures but I **PINKYPROMISE** they will be up soon! So keep in touch and add me, or subscribe!

Stay Pretty Locas,