Sunday, April 26, 2009

Getting "professional" with it!!

Hey Beauty Locas,
Ok sooo I know i am laggin with the start of my tutorials and putting up pics but MY CAMERA SUCKS!!! So im at the mercy of past clients asking them to send me photos. My camera was working great, I have a Nikkon; but for some reason all my close-ups look horrible, the colors are all grey and everything just looks like a smokey mess. I just borrowed a camera from my moms hopefully hers works better. Imma try it tomorrow!! Anywhoo so just so you all know I am not anywhere near professional but thats damm straight where i am headed. I am self-taught, and of course all the tips i've gotten from MUA at MAC, SEPHORA, and a few free lancers I know have helped. But I have decided to get "professional" with it. I will be taking some of MAC'S Pro Classes, Im going to do some training with a MUA I know, and have decided to educate myself through lots of reading. Soooo I went today and bought my 1st no make that my 2nd beauty book...The first one I recieved as a gift years ago, when it all started...

The Miracle of Makeup Techniques, By Eve Pearl

I loved it, its a small book with few tips but really a great read. So the book I picked up today was SEPHORA...

I just picked it up about an hour ago and was so excited I had to come and share. I never really thought I needed to read to learn because i've done so well learning from my own trial and error but now I'm even more excited to read more books, so if you have suggestions let me know.
And as usual Stay Pretty Locas,

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